“Multiple unique technologies will be delivered as IMR-ready products, and truly change the way we create content and how we consume it.”


Interactive Mixed Reality™ (IMR) is a new technology that enables TV viewers to participate in the same virtual world as people in the TV studio, using their mobile phone or tablet in a way that takes second-screen interactivity to the next level.

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IMR entertainment is being developed for multiple formats –including game shows, sports, eSports, as well as for non-entertainment commercial applications.



The first IMR technology product is Frontier™, now available from Ross Video for worldwide distribution. Frontier is a highly-scalable 3D visual effects solution based on a heavily- enhanced version of the Epic Games Unreal® game engine. Now any TV production can create live photorealistic effects or virtual sets that  integrate with anything from the real world – creating true IMR content.

  • Supports HDR workflow.
  • Photorealistic virtual environments with 4:4:4 internal processing.
  • Based on new XPression M6 hardware platform & IMR-ready.


Frontier Design Services include IMR-enhanced content design and development -including dynamic virtual sets, virtual characters and Virtual Studio Services that provide Frontier customers with in-studio testing, training, and customer productions.

Upcoming Frontier product options will include: advanced lighting control, virtual character control, motion sensors, and advanced keying, among others.