Riot Games League of Legends 2018 Worlds Opening Ceremony

The Future Group brings AR characters to life, live on stage, for the League of Legends 2018 Worlds opening ceremony.


Riot Games Unveils New Virtual K-Pop Quartet K/DA for 'Mixed Reality' Performance

The quartet performed via augmented reality during the 2018 League of Legends Finals Opening Ceremony presented by Mastercard alongside (G)I-dle and American singers Madison Beer and Jaira Burns.

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Fictional Hologram Band Tops Real-World Charts After Stunning ‘League of Legend’ Show

Riot Games created a hologram K-Pop band made up of characters from its “League of Legends” game and had them perform live during the World Championships in Korea over the weekend. The single by K/DA, voiced by Madison Beer, Jaira Burns and (G)I-DLE members Soyeon and Miyeon, managed to rake in 13 million views in its first 48 hours. Not bad for a group that doesn’t really exist.

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The League of Legends world championship opened with an AR K-pop concert

League of Legends developer Riot Games opened its annual world championships with a special K-pop augmented reality performance created specifically to promote its new K/DA skins.

Riot introduced four new K/DA skins for League of Legends players recently, and to celebrate the launch, the developer teamed up with popular K-pop group (G)I-DLE, and American artists Madison Beer and Jaira Burns. The song, “Pop/Stars,” is performed by the aforementioned artists in the video above, and they’re accompanied by some of the four K/DA skins onstage via augmented reality.

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Jakob Schindegger