The Future Group partners with The Weather Channel

The Future Group are happy to announce that we have partnered with The Weather Group and its cable network The Weather Channel to offer immersive Mixed & Augmented Reality storytelling. The partnership aims to use the inherent possibilities of these new technologies to give viewers an unparalleled viewing experience, and an increased understanding of how weather phenomena can impact their lives.


Through this partnership, The Future Group will deliver various custom mixed reality experiences for The Weather Channel, using our Frontier technology. Viewers will be able to see state of the art hyper-realistic tornadoes, storms and hurricanes in the studio in real-time.

“The Future Group’s Frontier enhances the amazing capabilities of Epic’s Unreal Engine specifically for broadcast and we are very excited to be pushing the creative boundaries of real-time mixed reality for TV with the Weather Group and Epic,” said our very own Lawrence Jones, Head of North America Operations.

Our immersive mixed reality presentations will combine 360 HD video and augmented and virtual reality elements that are driven by real-time data and our expert on-air talent to transport our audience into the heart of the weather, said Michael Potts, vice president, Design for The Weather Group. “Using The Future Group’s Frontier powered by Unreal Engine for weather broadcasting has never been done before. We are excited to continue our investment in the latest technologies that are not just cutting-edge, but on the bleeding edge of design and science.
Jakob Schindegger