Severe weather never looked better

This is what happens when great technology meets bold ambitions and limitless creativity: The Weather Channel brings severe weather to life like never before with our awesome Frontier technology and real time VFX from The Future Group.

Prepare to be blown away and stay tuned for more!


Watch a virtual tornado demolish the Weather Channel studio

Tornadoes are one of the most destructive natural phenomena in the world. Meteorologists can walk viewers through basic safety and sheltering protocol, but it has been a challenge to illustrate the power of a tornado through television, until now.

On Wednesday, the Weather Channel debuted its new, mixed reality capabilities by showing what a tornado could do if it hit the studio. The nerve-racking segment kicked off the channel’s morning show.

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The Weather Channel’s new storm graphics are totally insane

This week, the Weather Channel launched a new broadcast technology dubbed Immersive Mixed Reality. “Using the power of advanced, real-time graphic renderings and visual effects . . . TWC is pioneering new methods of broadcast presentation for real-time immersive storytelling,” the company explained.

But what does that really mean? In its debut, the Weather Channel simulated a full-fledged tornado quite literally ripping the walls off its own studio. A power line and car fell from the sky as its anchorman ran for safety. Things only escalated from there. The technology ups the ante for an industry that’s already known for dramatizing the weather with XTREME graphics. It played out like a Universal Studios ride on the eights.

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Jakob Schindegger