Riot Games League of Legends 2018 Worlds Opening Ceremony

The Future Group brings AR characters to life, live on stage, for the League of Legends 2018 Worlds opening ceremony.


Riot Games Unveils New Virtual K-Pop Quartet K/DA for 'Mixed Reality' Performance

The quartet performed via augmented reality during the 2018 League of Legends Finals Opening Ceremony presented by Mastercard alongside (G)I-dle and American singers Madison Beer and Jaira Burns.

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Fictional Hologram Band Tops Real-World Charts After Stunning ‘League of Legend’ Show

Riot Games created a hologram K-Pop band made up of characters from its “League of Legends” game and had them perform live during the World Championships in Korea over the weekend. The single by K/DA, voiced by Madison Beer, Jaira Burns and (G)I-DLE members Soyeon and Miyeon, managed to rake in 13 million views in its first 48 hours. Not bad for a group that doesn’t really exist.

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The League of Legends world championship opened with an AR K-pop concert

League of Legends developer Riot Games opened its annual world championships with a special K-pop augmented reality performance created specifically to promote its new K/DA skins.

Riot introduced four new K/DA skins for League of Legends players recently, and to celebrate the launch, the developer teamed up with popular K-pop group (G)I-DLE, and American artists Madison Beer and Jaira Burns. The song, “Pop/Stars,” is performed by the aforementioned artists in the video above, and they’re accompanied by some of the four K/DA skins onstage via augmented reality.

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Augmented reality storm surge demonstrates the dangers of floodwater

As Hurricane Florence barred down on the US, The Weather Channel leveraged The Future Group to show the dangers of rising water.

Using Immersive Mixed Reality, the segment garnered high praise for its potential to save lives and impressive use of photorealistic graphics.


How The Weather Channel made that insane storm surge animation

AT A CERTAIN point, you think you have a good grasp of what to expect from weather graphics. A color-coded map, a five-day forecast with a sassy cloud. Which might be why the Weather Channel’s 3-D, room-encompassing depiction of the Hurricane Florence storm surge took so many by surprise. It doesn’t tell, it shows, more bracingly than you’d think would be possible on a meteorological update. Here’s how they did it.

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The Weather Channel debuts a terrifying new viz for Hurricane Florence

Six feet of water. It doesn’t sound like much, in theory. Your feet might still touch the bottom of the pool. But in the hands of the Weather Channel, and its crazy new Immersive Mixed Reality graphics system, viewers are getting a glimpse at how terrifyingly destructive it really is. A wall of murky liquid surrounds the host, bobbing cars and–is that a kamado grill?–in its wake. Like a real-time rendered bar graph, it grows from three feet, to six, to nine.

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This terrifying graphic from The Weather Channel shows the power and danger of Hurricane Florence

A new video from The Weather Channel shows in real time the danger of flood waters already rising in parts of the Carolinas as Hurricane Florence starts battering the coast. The storm is moving slowly and is anticipated to bring deadly storm surges to the region as well as torrential rains. “That’s a recipe for a flooding disaster,” meteorologist Marshall Shepherd told The Verge in an interview on Monday.

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These Weather Channel graphics show how terrifying Hurricane Florence could become

It’s one thing to read about a hurricane or even see a photo or a video. It’s another to see its effects on the actual, real-life objects around a reporter.

The Weather Channel has been using mixed reality to great effect with its reporting on Hurricane Florence, showing how the water may rise and swallow buildings and cars in its path.

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Mixed Reality animation shows the dangers of hurricanes

We’re all used to seeing meteorologists standing in front of a green screen with those familiar, colored map graphics as they toss out numbers and statistics regarding the impending danger from natural disasters like Hurricane Florence. However, those numbers can be really hard to internalize, and if you’re in an at-risk area, just hearing stats and data make it a lot easier to ignore impending danger.

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Severe weather never looked better

This is what happens when great technology meets bold ambitions and limitless creativity: The Weather Channel brings severe weather to life like never before with our awesome Frontier technology and real time VFX from The Future Group.

Prepare to be blown away and stay tuned for more!


Watch a virtual tornado demolish the Weather Channel studio

Tornadoes are one of the most destructive natural phenomena in the world. Meteorologists can walk viewers through basic safety and sheltering protocol, but it has been a challenge to illustrate the power of a tornado through television, until now.

On Wednesday, the Weather Channel debuted its new, mixed reality capabilities by showing what a tornado could do if it hit the studio. The nerve-racking segment kicked off the channel’s morning show.

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The Weather Channel’s new storm graphics are totally insane

This week, the Weather Channel launched a new broadcast technology dubbed Immersive Mixed Reality. “Using the power of advanced, real-time graphic renderings and visual effects . . . TWC is pioneering new methods of broadcast presentation for real-time immersive storytelling,” the company explained.

But what does that really mean? In its debut, the Weather Channel simulated a full-fledged tornado quite literally ripping the walls off its own studio. A power line and car fell from the sky as its anchorman ran for safety. Things only escalated from there. The technology ups the ante for an industry that’s already known for dramatizing the weather with XTREME graphics. It played out like a Universal Studios ride on the eights.

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The Future Group partners with The Weather Channel

The Future Group are happy to announce that we have partnered with The Weather Group and its cable network The Weather Channel to offer immersive Mixed & Augmented Reality storytelling. The partnership aims to use the inherent possibilities of these new technologies to give viewers an unparalleled viewing experience, and an increased understanding of how weather phenomena can impact their lives.


Through this partnership, The Future Group will deliver various custom mixed reality experiences for The Weather Channel, using our Frontier technology. Viewers will be able to see state of the art hyper-realistic tornadoes, storms and hurricanes in the studio in real-time.

“The Future Group’s Frontier enhances the amazing capabilities of Epic’s Unreal Engine specifically for broadcast and we are very excited to be pushing the creative boundaries of real-time mixed reality for TV with the Weather Group and Epic,” said our very own Lawrence Jones, Head of North America Operations.

Our immersive mixed reality presentations will combine 360 HD video and augmented and virtual reality elements that are driven by real-time data and our expert on-air talent to transport our audience into the heart of the weather, said Michael Potts, vice president, Design for The Weather Group. “Using The Future Group’s Frontier powered by Unreal Engine for weather broadcasting has never been done before. We are excited to continue our investment in the latest technologies that are not just cutting-edge, but on the bleeding edge of design and science.

The Future Group nominated for Sports Emmy Awards

The Future Group is nominated in the ‘Outstanding Live Graphic Design’ category as well as for a George Wensel Technical Achievement Award for the Augmented Reality work we have done with Turner on the ELEAGUE broadcasts of Street Fighter V Invitational and Injustice 2.

This is only the second year that work from the eSports field is nominated for the coveted Sports Emmy Awards, showing the increasing influence of the sport. These nominations are also a landmark for The Future Group; landing two nominations for our first projects in the eSports field.

The award ceremony will be held in New York on the 8th of May.

The Future Group moderates panel at SVG

During this year’s edition of SVG’s Sports Graphics Forum our VP of North America, Lawrence Jones, moderated the panel on Augmented Reality: The Wave of the Future Has Arrived:

“Although augmented reality is nothing new to sports production — the 1st and Ten line celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2018 — AR has taken a giant leap in the past three years and is dramatically changing the way stories are told, both on the field and in the studio. What are the best use cases, platforms, and workflows for AR? Is it really all just another delivery system for 2D graphics like player stats and matchups, or can AR truly add another dimension to sports coverage?”


In front of a full crowd, Lawrence was accompanied on stage by Zach Bell, Turner Studios, Senior CG Artist; Zac Fields, Fox Sports, SVP, Graphic Technology and Innovation; Isaac Hersly, Vizrt, Director, Business Development; John Howell, SMT, Creative Strategist and Bradley Wasilition, ChyronHego, Director, Sports Analysis and Lead Sports Analyst.

In addition to moderating the panel, Lawrence also joined Zach Bell and the rest of the Turner team on stage for their keynote presentation of “ELEAGUE – The Design Revolution of Esports”. Below you can see the work The Future Group did with Turner for Eleague Street Fighter V Invitational.

The Future Group wins coveted technology prize in China

The Future Group won the award for Outstanding Product Award at Beijing International Radio, Television & Film Exhibition (BIRTV) on August 23.

“Our rendering platform Frontier received the BIRTV award for Outstanding Product. We’re proud that the product has been so well received and that we had the opportunity to present this innovative product in front of a large audience of industry players. It’s a great door opener to the Chinese market,” says Founder & Deputy CEO Jens Petter Høili.

Frontier was chosen by a panel of 50 judges that consisted of senior leaders from each large television organization in China. This panel of experts chose Frontier because of its next generation approach to Visual Studio and Augmented Reality that gives broadcasters new creative tools to create engaging content for viewers and advertisers.

Beijing International Radio, Television & Film Exhibition (BIRTV) was founded in 1987 and is Asia’s largest broadcasting exhibition. At BIRTV 2017, over 500 exhibitors showed of the latest in broadcast technology in a 50,000 square meter centre.

About Frontier

Frontier is a cutting-edge virtual studio graphics rendering platform that lets any production create live photorealistic effects and virtual characters and sets with people or props to create mixed reality content. Frontier uses an enhanced version of Epic Games ® Unreal video gaming engine, which creates exceptional high-realism scenery through state-of-the-art features such as particle systems, dynamic textures, live reflections and shadows and even collision detection.