Future Group inserts game characters into Street Fighter esports broadcast

Televised esports took a step into mixed reality with the recent Street Fighter V Invitational event. The broadcast by Turner-IMG’s ELeague, Ross Video, and the Future Group showed characters from the game injected into the TV show in real time.

As esports commentators talked about the matches, the Future Group used its technology to created a mixed reality scene, where it inserted animated characters into a live broadcast to enhance the audience experience. We’re talking real time, not post-production as we’ve seen in the past. Characters from the game struck fighting poses and loomed over the broadcasters during the show, said Bård-Anders Kasin, CEO of Norway-based The Future Group in an interview with GamesBeat. He said it shows the versatility of the technology, which can be used to create everything from real-time mixed reality experiences to interactive game shows.

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The Future Group Brings Broadcast TV Productions to Consumers Using Unreal Engine

The Future Group (Oslo, Norway), the pioneering developer of Interactive Mixed Reality (IMR) content and tools, announced a licensing agreement with Epic Games (Cary, NC) based on Epic’s Unreal® Engine 4.
The Future Group has built unique enhancements specific to broadcast TV on top of Unreal Engine, including source code-level changes that enable feature film-quality 3D rendered scenes created with Unreal for use at broadcast TV resolutions. These technologies provide the ability to merge people and objects in real time into virtual worlds with precise timecode-level accuracy, creating true Interactive Mixed Reality.

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Epic Games Announces Unreal Engine Integration With Strategic Partners in Broadcast

At NAB 2017, Epic Games will reveal applications of Unreal Engine that deliver unprecedented speed, fidelity and flexibility in broadcast production workflows. Ross Video, Vizrt and Zero Density will demonstrate integrations with Unreal Engine that illustrate the power of the engine’s real-time rendering capabilities. In addition, The Future Group and House of Moves will showcase how Unreal Engine is helping to break new ground in episodic entertainment production and delivery at Epic’s first Unreal Engine NAB press conference (April 24, 4-5PM, Room N239, Las Vegas Convention Center).

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In an echoey green-room studio on the outskirts of Oslo, a small group of mainly stubbled men are attempting to revolutionise how we watch TV. Words such as “interactive” and “mixed reality” are being thrown around, along with the prospect of viewers impacting the action on their favourite shows from wherever they are.

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Epic looks outside of gaming for new uses of Unreal Engine

SAN FRANCISCO—At a GDC keynote presentation Wednesday, Epic Games’ Tim Sweeney showed off plenty of Unreal Engine-powered games and highlighted how developers would soon be able to build those games in a fully virtual reality editor. But the more surprising focus of his talk was the growing use of Unreal Engine 4 outside of gaming for everything from film editing to architectural planning.

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Lost in Time: The Future of Immersive Media

Lost in Time is a mash-up of live action filmed on a green screen with audience participation and real-time graphics. spanning TV, gaming, mobile and e-commerce.

“We are pioneering a new category of digital entertainment called interactive mixed reality (IMR),” explains Bård Anders Kasin, co-founder of The Future Group (TFG), the tech masterminds and co-producer of the show with FremantleMedia. “The real and virtual worlds merge to produce a new environment where physical and digital co-exist.”

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Norwegian startup introduces ‘mixed reality’

Norwegian startup The Future Group has recently received some serious attention for their new technology which they themselves refer to as ‘mixed reality’, as this technology puts real people in a virtual reality where they can take part in immersive experiences such as racing Formula 1 cars in Monte Carlo or flying between skyscrapers, all with a little help from the Unreal Engine.

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Fremantle, TVNorge get Lost in Time

FremantleMedia is teaming with technology firm The Future Group on a new interactive reality format that will launch on Norwegian broadcaster TVNorge.

Lost in Time follows three contestants as they are transported into different eras including the Wild West, the Ice Age and Medieval times, where they compete in a series of challenges against the clock to win a jackpot prize

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The Future Group raises $20 million for its mixed reality platform and game show

Oslo’s The Future Group, a social entertainment platform that blends virtual interactivity with TV, has raised $20 million in a Series C round from Ferd and Aker ASA along with 25 other investors that were not named in the announcement.

The company, which came out of stealth in September, was cofounded by Bård Anders Kasin, a former technical director at Warner Brothers, and Jens Petter Høili, founder of FairChance. For a long time, The Future Group remained under the radar but started to grab people’s attention in summer 2015 when it announced an $8.5 million funding round seemingly out of nowhere.

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Forget everything you thought you knew about TV – this startup is bringing you interactive Mixed Reality NOW

The headline should probably have been written all in capital letters.
Today, a Norwegian startup called The Future Group just revealed itself to the world, after operating in stealth for three-and-a-half years.
We all knew Virtual Reality and/or Augmented Reality is coming – we just didn’t know which, or when, or where, or how. The answer is both, in every TV and every phone and in VR goggles, all connected, now.

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