The Future Group introduces Interactive Mixed Reality™ (IMR),  bringing you a new entertainment platform for creating and deploying IMR programs and content.

The Future Group

Based in Oslo, Norway, more than 100 people from over 20 countries work at the The Future Group, The company was founded by Jens Petter Høili and Bård Anders Kasin in 2013.  Advisors include Nolan Bushnell, the legendary founder of Atari. Partners include FremantleMedia, Epic Games and Ross Video.

Play Video

Frontier™ solutions include photorealistic mixed reality broadcasts, IMR- enhanced content design/development for dynamic virtual sets, and a virtual studio for testing, training, and customer productions. The Future Group is partnering with Ross Video™ , the technology leader in live video production products worldwide, to market and distribute Frontier worldwide.

Jens Petter Høili

Founder, board member & Deputy CEO

Jens Petter is an entrepreneur with an extensive track record in the retail industry as part of the Høili Group, a leading Nordic retail chain. He has also founded several first mover ventures such as EasyPark and FairChance Group.

Bård Anders Kasin

Founder & CEO

Former Technical Director at Warner Bros, Bård Anders has worked on movie productions like the Matrix trilogy. He also supervised international television and media projects, technology and business development projects, and has done advanced research and development in rocket science, industrial simulation, and augmented reality.