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A new TV experience. A new gaming experience. A new product experience. All in one — on every device. TV viewers at home can now play against the contestants in the studio, as well as against family and friends to win prizes. This immersive experiential platform allows anytime access to exciting games and product experiences. It connects consumers with brands in an entirely new way.

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Connect to play, win, buy and share! Nobody else puts you in the game.

With Blockbuster Visual Effects That Blend Imagined And Real Worlds.

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A prize is only good if it is worth winning.

You Know What You Like. Choose Your Prize. Compete For It – And Win It! Level Up To Increase Your Chances. Don’t Want To Wait? Then Buy It!

Our partners are global innovators, ranging from one of the world’s leading TV entertainment production companies to international corporations and brands, as well as notable private investors.


Leading the way

This company was literally born in The Matrix and is going places no one has ever seen. So it requires a team of leaders with the right mix of hard-won experience and pioneering spirit.

Photo of Jens Petter Høili

Jens Petter Høili

Founder & Chairman

Jens Petter is an entrepreneur with an extensive track record in the retail industry as part of the Høili Group (Europris), a leading Nordic retail chain. Jens Petter led the sale of Høili Group to private equity firm Industri Kapital in 2005. He has also founded several first mover ventures such as EasyPark and FairChance Group, where his keen eye for opportunity coupled with his broad business experience has paved the way for several successful companies. He holds a Master of Marketing & Business degree as well as a degree in computer engineering.

Photo of Bård Anders Kasin


Founder & CEO

Former Technical Director at Warner Bros, Bård-Anders has worked with some of the largest movie productions in history, such as the Matrix trilogy. He has also supervised international television and media projects, technology and business development projects, and done advanced research and development in rocket science, industrial simulation, augmented reality and high-end digital cinematography. Central to his work is the rare blend of business, technological, creative and artistic expertise.

Photo of Roar Skogvoll



Management positions in Cap Gemini since 1987, including CFO,
Director of Business Support and Executive Vice President. More than 20 years of experience in management, finance, business analyses, risk management, M&A and business development. Roar has also held a number of board positions in various companies and involved in several start-up projects. He is cofounder of FairChance Group.

Photo of Hans Svilosen


EVP Technology

Hans possesses a proven entertainment industry track record and advanced 3D simulation R&D project management expertise, coupled with project management experience from the construction industry. He has produced or otherwise contributed to a number of high profile TV and live productions for broadcasters, production companies and event managers, nationally and internationally. Hans holds a Bachelor in Electronics degree and a Master in Technology and Change Management degree from NTNU.

Photo of Stig Olav Kasin


EVP Entertainment

Stig Olav Kasin is an eminent, award-winning TV producer. He excels at producing and managing complex entertainment shows with large teams —from development to production. He has worked with several international TV hits like "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" and "The Voice". He has considerable expertise in merging premium entertainment shows with interactivity, developing and producing, "The King of Chess", which won the award for Most Innovative TV Show of the Year in 2015 (Norway).

Photo of Halvor Vislie



With a successful track record from senior management positions in both the renewables sector and the financial industry, Halvor has demonstrated a unique ability to build strong teams and efficiently put strategies into action. He has worked for multinational companies and boutique firms, and has led numerous complex projects throughout his career, including co-founding Fjellkraft, the second largest developer of new hydropower projects in Norway. Halvor holds a Bachelor in Finance and International Business degree from University of Oklahoma.


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